Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoba De, Sri Sri and blog

I am not a follower of Sri Sri. But I do respect social work done by him. Putting it very objectively my gut feeling tells me he is not a fraud (perhaps this is also a very harsh and negative way of putting in words his contribution to the world of spirituality and social service).


The reason for writing these thoughts is something different. I have been a big fan of Shoba De’s blog and her fearless expression through any form of media. But last month she expressed seemingly derogative marks against Sri Sri. She had her point when she commented on the ‘firing on dog’ incidence. But she went beyond that and had some harsh, not needed and personal comments against Sri Sri. I wonder why she had to make those comments.  She had made her point on the ‘firing’ incidence.  Rest of the comments were utterly non-required. No surprise that – there was uproar in Sri Sri followers. And they reacted very heavily to her blog.


So this tells me the power of blogging. power which can be mis – used as well.  Spider man’s grand pa said ‘With great power comes great responsibility’.

Lesson- those who write true blogs (i.e. not for creating a false picture of themselves – but from the genuine need of expressing themselves), should as well think before expressing themselves.

And those who write fake blogs- they need not worry :) – as they are any way writing them to create false picture about themselves ! :)


Love- Harsh

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  1. Columinists like Shobha De write more to entertain than to inform. I usually read such columns only to enjoy the literary pyrotechnics than to be influenced by their "ideas" or "views".
    On the contrary, Swaminathan Aiyer and M J Akbar are two columnists I have great respect for.